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    Sell My Rolex


    Selling a Pre- Owned Rolex,

    or looking to buy a certified Rolex at a steep discount?

    How to Sell a Used Rolex. If you want to sell a Rolex or other high-grade Swiss mechanical watch this guide is for you. While Rolex watches are made to last a lifetime, you may decide that you  want to sell your Rolex  to upgrade to a different  model or to get some fast  cash. Whatever your reason is for selling your Rolex, here are a few things to remember  when selling to a pre-owned Rolex dealer.

    Of course you always have the option to sell Online via Ebay or CL or other local classifieds, but please be cautious of not only the many fake PayPal, Western Union, cashier checks, money orders and even counterfeit cash that can be used to basically leave you with nothing for you valuable watch.

    A pre-owned Rolex dealer looks for original Rolex parts when assessing the resale value of your used Rolex. It is this resale value on which they base their purchase offer, not the retail value of a new Rolex watch. So, if at some point non-Rolex aftermarket parts were added to your watch, this could lower its value.

    Get the highest value for a used Rolex? By always keeping the original box and papers with your watch. This is very important to remember should you ever purchase a new Rolex, which might unexpectedly be sold some time in the future. Original paperwork and boxes help to assure the next purchaser that this watch is not a counterfeit.

    If the band on your Rolex is stretched, damaged or dinged, this will affect the buying offer, because the used Rolex dealer will have to invest time and money in tightening up the band and making it appear like-new again. We suggest not to refurbish the dial of your pre-owned Rolex before selling it. Collectors generally value the original dial more than a refurbished one. By refurbishing the dial you could significantly be reducing its resale value. In addition, don’t go ahead and try to fix your Rolex before selling it. A Rolex that is not working often will still bring a decent buying offer, especially if it is one of the most sought-after models.

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